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Try to determine from what point of view each of the following paragraphs are written.

From students

Example 1
When I got home I opened the door slightly and that's when I heard a big BOOM! I went down stairs but found nothing. So I ran upstairs, as scared as I was, and I crept through the house. I got through all the rooms until I finally got to my brother's room. I pushed open the door to find him doing some sort of science project.

Example 2
He was walking home and when he got there the door was open. He walked in and heard footsteps. He ran up to his room and grabbed his magic 8 ball. The ball told him to grab the lamp. So he grabbed the lamp and hit the person over the head. He realized then that it had been a mugger.

Example 3
He was walking home and when he got there the door was open. He was unaware of the mugger in his house, but when he walked in, he heard the mugger. So he ran up to his room and grabbed his Magic 8 ball. The ball told him to grab the lamp, so he grabbed at the lamp and hit the mugger over the head.

Example 4
When Derik arrived at his house he grabbed his skateboard, but when he went to grab it, he noticed his board wasn't complete: someone had stolen his new tensor magnisums that he had just gotten. He heard some one moving around, so his natural instinct was to grab his bat. He then swung and SMACK the kleptomaniac was dead on the ground. Later, the cops asked what happened and he said, "I was using self-defense." The end.

From literature

Paragraph 1: from Elie Wiesel's Night

This kind of talk that nobody believed helped pass the time. The few days we spent here went by pleasantly enough, in relative calm. People rather got along. There no longer was any distinction between rich and poor, notables and the others; we were all people condemned to the same fate--still unknown.

Paragraph 2: from Guy de Maupassant's "The Necklace"

They walked toward the Seine, shivering and miserable. Finally, on the emandkment, they found one of those ancient nocturnal broughams which are only to be seen in Paris at night, as if they were ashamed to show their shabbiness in day light.

It took them to their door in the Rue des Martyrs, and they went sadly upstairs to their apartment. For her, it was all over. And he was thinking that he had to be at the Ministry by ten.

Paragraph 3: from Edith Wharton's "April Showers"

Then, with a last look at the precious pages, she sealed and addressed the package. She meant to send it off next morning to the Home Circle. She knew it would be hard to obtain access to a paper which numbered so many popular authors among its contributors, but she had been encouraged to make the venture by something her Uncle James had said the last time he had come down from Boston.

He had been telling his brother, Doctor Dace, about his new house out at Brookline. Uncle James was prosperous, and was always moving into new houses with more "modern improvements." Hygiene was his passion, and he migrated in the wake of sanitary plumbing.

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