Description of assignment

  • You are creating a comic strip detailing the adventures of Odysseus and his men on the island of the Cyclops.
  • To make your comic strip work, you will need to create six panels – a Sunday comic. (A Sunday comic, you might recall, is always color; yours should be colored too.)
  • Each panel will represent one of the six points on the plot line - exposition, inciting moment, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.
    • Your choice of these six important parts of the Cyclops episode should therefore reflect/retell the story accurately.
    • You'll need to choose the lines and hand them in separately before beginning your comic strip. On that page, write the parts of the plot line, the lines you chose, and then 2-3 sentences explaining how the line you chose fits that part of the plot line.
  • Each box will have text beneath it showing what part of the story is illustrated. That text must be a direct quote from the story and have the line number(s) in parentheses after it. You may invent short bits of dialogue to put inside the box itself.


This one does not use color but obviously makes up for it with shading and creative skill:

external image 1589441707_7b25f935d5.jpg
external image 1590416448_200ad97660.jpg

This next one is solid and the student would not claim to be an artist. Yet it is obvious she put effort in this, so that the rest of us would argue she has some artistic DNA in her.

external image 1590416458_de9f5fd27c.jpg

"Kimmey" has the lines, though you can't read them here, and she understood that stick people are people too!

external image 1590416464_e3d5958054.jpg

Alec framed hers up and it looks nice, even with the gore.

external image 1590416452_ca42c615d6.jpg

external image 2047518826_c450b6ae4e.jpg

external image 2047518778_26ab3cd97a.jpg
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