We'll study a range of material while reading The Odyssey this year. You'll be responsible for knowing a large number of literary terms and you'll write a formal essay comparing yourself to Odysseus. One of our ultimate goals will be to determine whether it's possible for you to connect an ancient Greek epic to your lives in some sort of interesting way.

Our Question

  • How can an ancient epic be relevant to the life of a teenager in 2010?

Echoes of Odysseus

  • This is the big deal cap to this unit - an essay comparing Odysseus with another major figure, either historical or literary.

Analogizing the Monsters

Book versus Movie

Comic Strip

  • See the comic strip page for descriptions of this assignment, where you'll reassert your comfort with the plot line and your ability to choose important lines from a text.

For interested parties, here are Mr. Sheehy's lesson plans.

Things below here are from previous years and I've stuck them here in case I use them again . . .

Analogizing The Monsters

  • You and Odysseus are similar, and while that will soon be the subject of an essay you'll write, I'd like to stop before we get there and write a reflective article about how the monsters Odysseus encounters are similar to "monsters" in your own life. You are going to make an analogy between The Odyssey and your life.
  • Choose five monsters from the seven that Odysseus encounters in what we read (Lotus-eaters, Cyclops, Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis, Helios, and the Suitors). Explain at least two characteristics of each of your five monsters, and then explain how those two characteristics are similar to a monster in your life.
  • This will be a long blog article, but it will not be graded on length. You'll get 6 points for each monster you discuss. Make sure you mention two characteristics and clearly link those characteristics to both the Odyssey's monster and yours. Total points = 30.
  • Example: a paragraph comparing the lotus eaters to computers.

Wanted Poster

  • This is a fairly quick assignment. Choose one of the monsters in the monster section (Sirens, Scylla, Charybdis, or Helios) and create a wanted poster for it. Draw an accurate picture and then list 5 characteristics of that monster below the picture. Next to the characteristics, please write the line numbers where you found that detail.