When I ask you to type an assignment and hand it in to me, I will very often require you to put it in MLA format.

Such a format is a standard expectation in the English department here at Central High School and will apply in most colleges and universities. Requiring you to follow such a format may seem nit-picky, but it is an area where attention to detail counts, and learning to pay attention to such things is an essential skill you will need whether you pursue a college education or not.

You may learn more about the specifics of the MLA format at Purdue University's online writing lab.

This document is a template you can use to get started. If you're not sure how to fix the heading, see the tutorial video below.

Did you know

  • MLA stands for "Modern Language Association"
  • MLA is a format used mostly by subjects in the humanities - English, philosophy, etc.
  • Other subjects, like social sciences (sociology, psychology, education) use APA formatting, which is structured to emphasize how recent the cited material is.