During the first quarter you must turn in four of the following writing assignments, one each on the last day of your week from September 15th through October 21st. However, there are five full school weeks within that time period, so you will have one week off, and there are more than five writing assignments below, so you don't have to write them all. You may choose the order--work on any assignment you choose. You must complete all assignments with asterisks beside them.

Due Dates

Other details to note
  • Type assignments in MLA format. Improperly formatted papers will be handed back to you.
  • Please write the number of words your piece reaches on the bottom of your paper.
  • Proof-read your work. Excessive grammar mistakes will cause you to lose points.
  • I will use our general writing rubric to assign grades.

Creating Suspense

How do the authors of "The Most Dangerous Game" and "The Scarlet Ibis" create suspense?
That's a tough question and I've suggested a couple ways in a handout available here: If you're still stuck, you might also consider researching it online or looking to the back of your textbook for a definition. This should be at least 300 words.

Coolest Person

Who is one of the coolest people you know? Write an essay introducing us to that person and explaining and showing what makes that person so cool. Make this essay at least 300 words.

Descriptive story of your summer

A number of my students declared that the essence of summer is freedom. If this is the case, please consider your summer and a time where you either felt particularly free or a time when you failed to experience that freedom. Describe that time for us. Make the readers feel like they’re there with you. 450-500 words.

Short story for kids

My children often come in to visit me. Suppose that they were here today (this year they’re seven, five, and three years old) and asked you to tell them a story. They love suspense, they love humor, and they have wonderful imaginations. Whether you use those things or not, the key is that they love a good story. Please write a story that you might tell to them. Keep it between 300 and a 1000 words.

Poetry Reflection*

Choose one of the poems we read this quarter at the beginning of class. Write a full page reflection on that story using the handout "poetry reflection" as a guide.

Pine Needle Article

Write an article for the school newspaper, The Pine Needle, reporting on a school related event or activity. See details for writing this narrative report here. Realize you'll need at least one quote from a person who was at the event you are reporting on.This should be between 250-600 words.

Pine Needle Personal Essay

Write a personal essay for publication in The Pine Needle. See ideas at the Pine Needle's staff wiki for more ideas about what would work. This would need to be 300-1000 words.