The speech

  • The goal of the demonstration speech is to show the audience how to do something. It is often called a process speech because you are showing the audience how to complete steps in a process.external image 236503622_ddcc22f936_m.jpg


  • The speech should be somewhere between 4 and 10 minutes. It is very easy to go way over, which means it is crucial that you practice.

Skills you should remember

This is your final speech, which means you should show how much you have learned through all your previous speeches. Also pay special attention to the skills listed here.
  • Eye contact
  • Story telling - specific details make for better stories
  • Prepared/rehearsed introduction and conclusion
  • No dead air - talk to us throughout the process

The Rubric

An Example

Examining Mario

What does Mario do that's so effective as a demonstration speech?
  • He is an expert in his content, which allows him to 'multi-task'
  • He uses tangents to be interesting and to have something to say while he's cooking
  • He gives the audience details about his subject
    • little background information we'd find interesting
    • these bits are likely prepared and thought of ahead of time
  • ingredients/materials are prepared ahead of time and ready to be used
  • He has obviously practiced
    • he's not "thinking" about what he's doing, he's just doing it
  • He doesn't over-narrate
    • over-describing would be boring, so he tells stories and gives interesting information as we watch his hands
    • Like a television sports' announcer, he realizes we can see what he's doing

Topic Ideas

A brainstormed list of ideas for your demonstration speeches:
  • Kickflip / heelflip - skateboarding tricks
  • cast a pole
  • tie a fishing knot
  • throw pitches (baseball)
  • hitting a baseball
  • no-bake cookies
  • make a sandwich
  • play a sport
  • putt a golf ball
  • make slushies
  • make brownies
  • make a cake
  • use a computer program - playing a game, using software, using particular skills
  • juggle
  • take a good photograph
  • make sundaes
  • braid hair - cut hair - do fancy haircuts/styles
  • swim
  • write a story
  • bowl
  • change a diaper
  • car things - change a tire, the oil, or your headlight
  • bike repair or riding
  • ride a horse
  • launch a rocket
  • groom a pet
  • how to teach a dog a trick/train a dog
  • how to mow lawn or use a weed whacker
  • how to draw
  • shine your shoes
  • make pancakes
  • do Halloween makeup
  • do origami
  • play a cello
  • eat 87 hotdogs in 30 seconds
  • tap dance
  • properly focus a telescope
  • load film into a camera
  • make a latte
  • make a slide for a microscope
  • watercolor paint
  • do paper mache
  • address a letter
  • make candles
  • make paper snowflakes
  • plant vegetable seeds
  • cut mangos
  • make grilled cheese
  • make a rocket ship out of a cardboard box
  • paint nails
  • do karate
  • recite Shakespearian quotations
  • make peppermint hot chocolate
  • make a blanket fort
  • put a screen cover on a phone
  • get ready for a job interview
  • draw the state of Colorado
  • duel with lightsabers
  • make a baking soda and vinegar volcano

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