After you have read these poems and made notes on each of them, (showing me, among other things, that you read them), please complete the following responses:

An Interview

Please pair up with a classmate and interview your classmate about a poem.
How does it work?
  1. The classmate chooses the poem.
  2. You spend 5 minutes preparing questions to ask your classmate about that poem.
  3. You spend 4 minutes asking your classmate about the poem they chose.
  4. Jot notes during the interview.
  5. Switch roles. (This means that during steps one and two, your classmate is preparing questions for the poem you chose to discuss).
  6. After you each interview the other, examine your notes and put a star next to the most interesting comment your classmate made during the interview.

Thematic Observations

For this section, I'd like you to think through the thematic ideas and images presented in the poems--that is, the content more than the form or style--and connect them to other works you have read. Please assemble your connections in a chart similar to what I have shown below. Include at leave five connections in your chart.
Quote from a poem
Connected to (other work or poem in collection)
"I must watch myself. / I must not dare to sleep." from "Coora Flower"
like Anne Moody in Coming of Age in Mississippi, where Anne is creeped out by her mother's husband and wants to leave to get away from him
Anne doesn't feel safe in her own house. Being vulnerable (and sleeping is our most vulnerable) is too dangerous.


Perhaps the key difference between poetry and prose is the highly stylized (or at least, intimately stylized) nature of poetry. Consider the style of the poetry you're reading in this packet and articulate 10 observations of interesting stylistic choices you notice the poets making. Please make a top ten list, and for each item on your list explain what makes that stylistic decision so interesting. (Note: This means that you'll need to have a specific quote for each of your items.)

When you've finished, please read another student's list and put a star next to the choice you saw that you liked the best.