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  • An adverb modifies (describes) an adjective, verb, or other adverb.
  • Please note:
    • The most frequently used adverb is very. It is so overused you should try to avoid it by using a more particular word.
    • Many adverbs end in -ly but not all of them. Some -ly words are not adverbs: costly, lovely, friendly, deadly. And then some adverbs do not have an -ly: never, always, very, soon.

Spotting It

  • Usually an adverb answers a question like, "How?" Though they can also answer when, where, or why.


The boy greedily ate the vividly blue candy.
  • Greedily modifies how the boy ate--so since it modifies a verb, it is an adverb.
  • Vividly modifies blue, saying how blue. Blue is in turn an adjective, saying which candy.