Utilizing Point of View *

Please read the article from Mr. Sheehy on the intricacies of point of view in writing (see the .pdf file below). After reading about the various ways writers manipulate point of view to their purposes, please explore in an essay ways in which you have seen a particular writer (or writers) use point of view and what effect their use of point of view creates. If you choose to examine one novel in depth, you might need to examine only that one novel's use of point of view. Other strategies can involve your contrasting different uses of point of view, which would send you into the analysis of more than one work. Which approach you take is up to you, but you do need to quote your source at least three times and your article should reach 1000 words.

Term Paper on an Author

Please choose an author and, in a 10 page paper, introduce your classmates to that author. That means you’ll explain your author's prominent literary influences, historical context, and personal characteristics. To do this well, you will need to explain what literary tradition or movement is most associated with that author and how well he or she fits into that mold. Include in your paper some biographical and historical context to who your author is, emphasizing what your author's typical style or characteristics are. As you do so, please demonstrate what those characteristics are with examples from one of your author's essential works.

Please note some of the following things:
  • Your paper might have sections similar to the following ones: Literary movement and influences, historic influences, life events, representative work
  • In discussing the literary tradition or movement, you'll need to explain what that tradition is to show your understanding of it; do not simply refer to it. For example, don't just write that T.S. Eliot was a modernist; explain what modernism was, showing your level of understanding of it.
  • Your paper is not a biography, though it will contain some biographical information or sections. How much biography your paper contains will depend upon your author--for some, their life's events leave a mark on their work; for others, their life is a small influence.
  • In demonstrating your author's typical style, you will need to have read one of your author's essential works. That means I'd strongly recommend reading something by your author for your chosen third quarter book.
  • Your author does not need to be American, though we will be discussing in class during the third quarter a number of the prominent literary movements and traditions, which may add clarity to your own research.

Here is a look at the rubric I will use to grade your paper.