During the second quarter you must turn in five of the following writing assignments, one each on the assigned days. There are more than five writing assignments available, so you don't have to write them all, though you do have to complete the assignments with stars next to them. You may choose the order--work on any assignment you choose.

Due Dates
11/5 11/6
12/6 12/7

11/19 11/20
12/20* 12/21*

* This assignment may be turned in after the Christmas break if you feel you need more time.

Other details to note
  • Type assignments in MLA format. Improperly formatted papers will be handed back to you.
  • Please write the number of words your piece reaches on the bottom of your paper.
  • Proof-read your work. Excessive grammar mistakes will cause you to lose points.
  • I will use our general writing rubric to assign grades.

Scarlet Letter Essay *

Choose one of the essays from the three options to write about The Scarlet Letter.

Funniest Moment

Consider some time in your life that was particularly amusing--either a time you recall laughing hysterically or a time that, when you think back on it, makes you laugh--and take the reader to that time and place. Recall the scene in a way that brings out the humor and in a way that helps the reader feel like he or she is there with you. Don't forget to consider giving the reader a perspective on the scene--what kinds of things might the reader take away from your story? This should be 300 words, minimum.

America Needs Its Nerds

See the handout for details on this essay. (2008 Form B Free Response)

Home in a Restless World

See the handout for details on this essay. (2007 Free Response)