• To identify literature devices in a work of fiction and evaluate their role
  • To utilize reading strategies to evaluate a work of literature & aid comprehension
  • To evaluate to a work of literature and connect with its themes through reflective writing
  • To work with fellow students to synthesize the role of literary devices in a work of literature


Day 1

  1. Read 30 minutes, no specific task attached during reading
  2. On board, cycle through pics of real Phillips-Exeter Academy
  3. Brief observation about foreshadowing (the building, the tree), point of view, and flashback

Day 2

  1. Blog article, topic: Best friends. Write 200 words of whatever format and style you choose
  2. Continue reading, this time tracking with a double entry journal. Will need to do 12 entries during chapters 2 & 3 (pp. 15-41)
    1. 5 of the entries should attempt to identify literature terms used in the text
    2. The rest can ask questions or make connections with the text

Day 3

  1. Finish reading chapters 2&3.
  2. When finished, meet in groups of four (assigned by teacher - they've picked pairs), contribute four details (minimum) to study guide/wiki. Post it to the wiki. Must possess the page with wiki page name to have it open & writing (prevents overwriting each other's work).
    1. Head to the discussion page and post your reaction thus far. These are your group's thoughts.
  3. Continue reading - chapter 4 -

Day 4

  1. Read - need to set forth far into the reading so as to enjoy the book somewhat.
  2. Short teacher-led discussion about what Gene and Finny are like, as well as the prep school setting
  3. Just enjoy chapter 4.
  4. Reading chapters 5/6 - see reading assignments for assignment info.

  • Prediction - Write 250 words predicting what might happen in A Separate Peace. Write it in the blog and use events that have happened to predict events to come.

Day 5

  1. Short discussion about asking questions while reading and reading better. The point of the unit is to become better readers, not to read a good story.
  2. Read, aiming for chapters 5/6 completion (see reading assignments)
  3. Before bell, read out loud last paragraph to chapter 4 (When Gene knocks Finny out of the tree) - Did he do it on purpose? Yes. Why did he do it? We're not sure yet, and neither, it appears, is Gene.

  • finish chapter 6

Day 6

  1. Reading - thinkmark for chapter 7
  2. 10 minute discussion in reading groups, asking questions you've discovered, sharing your best insight
  3. Write in a paragraph (notebook paper) what your group discussed and what the biggest insight you gained from discussion is (each person writes it)

Day 7

  1. Lecture/lesson on the setting change and how it reveals the themes for the book
  2. read on

Day 8

  1. Divide and conquer - groups make a character wheel for all of the characters
  2. Jot a characteristic title and a detail/incident from the text to support that claim - put the best thought (or two) on whiteboard
    • teacher helps assemble the best from the rest of the class, puts on reading guide
  3. Read (45 min.)

Day 9

  1. Character quiz - handouts from characters wheels from previous class
    1. Study in groups (one on the hot seat, one the quizzer, one the hinter - with incidents)
    2. Take the quiz - write at least three major things about each of the six characters - trade & grade
  2. read
  3. 20 minutes to begin blog article - asking questions (collected from the group)

Day 10

  1. Read the questions assembled in the guide (the ones collected from students last class)
  2. Read chapter 10 together
    • Short discussion - what questions and thoughts emerge after reading chapter 10?
    • First ask the questions - taking no time to answer. Then rotate around the room answering the questions
  3. Blog article - 200 words answering as many of the questions from the class as it takes to hit 200 words

Day 11

  1. Tracking symbols
    1. Quick discussion about symbols and their role in literature & how they can help us understand the depth of a book
    2. In groups, list of as many potential symbols as you can muster, along with short (typed) statements of what they might symbolize
      • One laptop per group, typing out the group's thinking & dumping it in stushare (or -- email it to teacher)
    3. Each person writes a paragraph explaining what they think the 2 most important symbols are in the book & why
  2. Reading chapter 11 45 minutes

Day 12

  1. Reviewing symbols
  2. Reading a few insightful articles on the book (with students' permission)
  3. mini discussion about chapter 11 - five student observations or comments written on the whiteboard
    • on the board with the comments/questions - a page number and passage
    • grab response from group on each one - agree/disagree/is there anything to add to it?
  4. (time for vocab fill-in needed)
  5. reading chapter 12

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