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Your essay is a formal way to respond to what you read in A Separate Peace. While accuracy and insight into the book is expected, the focus for our work with the essay will admittedly be on the writing more than the content.

That means I expect you to work hard to conform your essay to the standards we discussed in class. You can consult the Essay Guide on the website to remind yourself about them, and I remind you that you are responsible for all the standards discussed there, especially the MLA formatting information.

The Essay Question

  • What is the most important theme expressed in A Separate Peace?

The Requirements

  • Please answer the question in a formal five paragraph essay - an intro, a conclusion, and three supporting paragraphs.
  • Your three supporting paragraphs should each defend one way that the story displays that theme.
  • Within each supporting paragraph, you will need to quote the text twice to sufficiently defend it (That means you'll need 6 quotes, total).
  • Make sure it is in MLA Format.

Tips for finding quotes

  • You won't be able to find relevant quotes until you've chosen your supporting points and created your thesis (which is the one sentence answer to the question that will end your introduction).
  • Use your double entry journals and the quotes your classmates decided were important as aids for finding lines
  • Don't write down entire passages. Write down the key part and then later you can explain the context of the quote to make it make sense.
  • Remember, when we say quote here we do not mean that a character was talking out loud. You can use Gene's narration and description as a quote.

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