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A Good Joke
Two men from Arkansas are out fishing and are having great luck. They're catching fish so fast that they're forced to go back early. "This is so great," says the first guy. "We should mark the spot so we can come here again." "You're right," says the other guy, who then dives over the side and scrapes a big X on the bottom of the boat. They head back to shore and just as they're about to dock, the first guy looks at the second guy and says, "What if we don't get the same boat next time?"
Photo Op
Parade 2
Taken a former student of mine, Heather.
Featured Work
Welcome back to school video
Our Learning Goals
  • In this classroom when we read we are learning to discover and savor truth that is stated beautifully.
  • In this classroom when we write and speak we are learning to express beautifully that which is true.

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